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Defective products cost thousands of lives every year and contribute to millions of serious injuries. They also require consumers to incur large monetary losses to replace or repair those products. Even safety conscious consumers can be harmed by a defective product. The injuries and deaths and associated property damage from defective products cost the American public over $500 billion annually.

You are entitled to get what you pay for. Consumers who have problems with new products they purchased may be protected by Lemon, Warranty and Consumer Fraud Laws as enacted by their particular state. A consumer can demand a refund or replacement by the manufacturer if the product has a defect which substantially impairs its use, market value or safety and which cannot be repaired or fixed. Our Chicago defective product lawyers are ready to help you assert your rights.

Defective products that do not work as advertised or represented or are defective cause consumers to lose their savings and large portions of their monthly paychecks. An expensive high definition flat screen television may not have the picture quality advertised on the box or store display. A washing machine may have a defective motor that breaks down due to a design defect, or have computer circuits that are defective and blow out subjecting the consumer to large repair bills or the cost of purchasing an entirely new machine. A computer may have a defective battery that burns out. Often times manufacturers knew or should have known of these defects when they sold the product. Manufacturers continue to sell defective products hoping that the cost of complaints and lawsuits will be far less than the large profits they can generate by ignoring known problems. This over reaching deprives consumers of their hard earned dollars. Often consumers cannot afford to bring suit to recover damages for products such as television sets, kitchen and household appliances, computers and other products that at most cost a few thousand dollars and can cost as little as a hundred dollars or less.

When a product is defective and doesn't work properly or doesn't work as advertised or described, you should consult an experienced attorney. Based in the Chicago area, our defective product lawyers are ready to assist you in filing suit to force the manufacturer or seller to replace the defective product or pay your money damages through individual cases and class actions.

There are state laws designed to provide compensation for money damages caused due to a defective product such as washing machine, television, computer, toy, RV or automobile that does not work properly. State laws require replacement or return of the monies paid for toys or other products that contain dangerous lead paint or pet food that is contaminated.

There are many examples of products that do not live up to their respective warranties or guarantees, do not work they way they are intended or are dangerous. Lemon, Consumer Fraud, Contract and Warranty laws provide relief for any consumer who has suffered damages due to a defective or dangerous product or simply wants to return it and recover the purchase price.

Our Chicago defective product attorneys also handle cases involving improper dealer certification of used vehicles and other forms of auto and rv dealer fraud.

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