Billing Fraud

Hotel, Health Club, Dating Service and Vendor Billing Fraud

Bills that you receive from hotels and other vendors should not include charges that consumers have not agreed to pay. For instance, we have represented consumers who have paid hotel bills where the hotels included non-tax charges in the final bill's tax line item. This deceptive billing allowed the hotels to inflate the tax charge to collect for non-tax expenses, which the consumers who had only agreed to pay the room rate plus legitimate taxes, had never agreed to pay. We obtained refunds for all affected consumers for this billing fraud. Check all vendor bills to make sure that charges are all for items you have agreed to pay for. If you believe you are the victim of billing fraud, you can contact us. We will need to review the receipt and any other documents provided to you by the vendor to investigate your claim.

State laws protect health club and dating service members from excessive and deceptive initiation fees and other deceptive sales and billing practices. A federal court in Allen v. Holiday Universal recently certified a class-action as to allegedly excessive health club initiation fees setting the stage for potential refunds by all members. If you believe you are a victim of health club or dating service deceptive billing practices, you can contact us.

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