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We are an organization dedicated to protecting consumers' rights. Our goal is to raise consumer awareness and provide consumers with information about some of the more common and dangerous areas of consumer fraud and when businesses placing profits ahead of public welfare..

We have a staff of consumer protection lawyers who are dedicated to fighting big business to protect your rights and assist you in obtaining full, fair, and just compensation for any injuries these companies and their products caused.

Legal Services Our Consumer Protection Law Attorneys Provide

Our nationwide consumer protection attorneys have extensive experience with consumer rights claims. We utilize a team approach in representing your interests. Also, because our services extend nationwide, we may know of other consumers across the country who have suffered similar injuries from the same cause.

Our lawyers have taught other attorneys and legal professionals about consumer protection laws and trial techniques. In addition, they are highly focused on consumer rights issues and have earned a reputation for their aggressiveness and tenacity in pursuing claims.

You will also appreciate the personal service you receive and the level of attention your matter receives. Our consumer rights attorneys take the time to understand your situation and your concerns. They will also take the time to explain the legal process and your options to you. In addition, they are committed to keeping you informed. Although the wheels of justice may turn slowly sometimes, you will always know the status of your claim.

In addition to the experience of our attorneys, we also have an extensive network of professionals we can call upon for their expertise, including accountants, scientists, engineers, chemists, forensics, and other experts and professionals to assist us in prosecuting financial fraud, detecting product claims,…….as other consumer cases.

If you believe you have been duped by a business or insurance company, or you have been injured by a defective product or drug, please call us toll free at 1 (877) 990-4990 or fill out our intake form on our Contact Us page for a free consultation. Our commitment and experience can make all the difference.

We are dedicated to protecting your rights
and exposing consumer rip-offs and scams

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