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Excessive fees and late charges can be illegal. Legal or illegal, it is important for you to realize the abuses made by companies, so you, as a consumer, can protect yourself from such abuse. Of course, if you have already been injured (or continue to be injured) from such abuse, you should contact our consumer protection attorneys to discuss any available remedies or options.

Some Common Late Charge and Late Fee Abuses

  • Mobile home site rental abuse: Excessive late fees are prevalent in many mobile home site rentals. In some cases, these fees are imposed as daily late fees, which add up to an exorbitant amount for an annual rate. Mobile home late fees are common because of a perception that mobile home owners are not sophisticated enough to recognize the abuse being perpetrated on them by charging excessive late fees.
  • Apartment rental late fees and other abuses: As with mobile home lots, apartment rental abuse is prevalent nationwide. Renters are charged high late fees on a daily basis, or some are charged an extremely high fee for the first day of being late, and then an additional fee for each subsequent day payment is late.

If you are a victim of excessive late fees or excessive late charge abuse, including mobile home late fees, or billing fraud, please schedule a free consultation with our experienced consumer rights lawyers to determine your rights and available recourse by calling us at 1 (630) 333-0000, or filling out our intake form on our Contact Us page. We are devoted to protecting your rights.

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